Crime is on the rise – and the future prognosis does not lighten the picture. Our Security on Rental Solutions should make this additional Crime Prevention Technology available to everyone.

Baggage Scanners

We face terrorism from not only large international organized groups or extremist modules but even embittered individuals.With weapons and explosives easily obtainable, acts of violence against individuals, corporations or the state can and do occur at unexpected times and unexpected places in unexpected ways.

Our ranges of X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems are suitable for high security public places where the hand scanning of personally carried bags is not possible. We can offer as many as 12 scanners of different tunnel size at a given period time on rent for few days.

CCTV Surveillance
We offer CCTV on Rent Solutions to Business as well as Private and Domestic Customers. The Surveillance Systems offered are especially designed to be quickly deployed, easily set-up and universally usuable in divers internal and external applications. Installations are carried out ‘provisionally’, which means that cables will be clipped neatly – without leaving marks after pick-up.

We therefore avoid drilling holes and opening walls as much as possible, which also reduces installation time and allows lower pricing. We can install as few as 8 cameras and as many as 100 plus cameras in two day time with a centralized command center.

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Walky Talky
High powered professional multi channelwalkie talkie radios for every use. We offer low daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates on all of our equipment. We can supply as few as 6 or as many as 100 plus units for all your temporary communication needs. Quantity is never a problem, just ask!
Door Frame Metal Detectors

In most of the public places and high-profile parties, one surveillance equipment that remains available on the door to welcome the guests is the Door Frame Metal Detector that detects the presence of a ferrous and non-ferrous metals passed through the aperture vicinity.

Think Thanx is a provider of reliable and sensitive DFMD that offers accuracy in detection of any arm or unwanted ferrous item and helps to break off the chances of mishaps. We provide 6 zone and 8 zone door frame metal detectors on rent as well as single and multizone door frame metal detectoron rent.


Our remote-controlled camera drones are designed for professional use. They hardly vibrate at all and are particularly stable in the air, thanks to constant optimization and further development. Any oscillations caused during flight are automatically offset by the dynamic camera mount, thus guaranteeing wobble-free images as per your direction.

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