The 21st century has seen huge advances in digital technology. Devices proliferate our homes. Smart phones, tablets, motion sensors, smart cameras, smart TV’s – the list goes on. Truly experience a digital lifestyle however, smart devices need to be cohesively integrated in a way that lets them truly become part of your home. The goal of automation is to provide convenience and comfort to let you experience a 21st century lifestyle, where technology means simplicity. Automating your home enables convenient control of elements such as lighting, security, music, video, drapes, temperature etc., in a manner that is personalized to the lifestyle of each family.

Total Security Systems

See and communicate with visitors outside with wireless video door phone systems, live peacefully while at home or on vacation with live and recorded surveillance systems, burglar and gas leak alarm systems and vacation scheduler with integrated lighting automation. Keep a watch always on who’s calling, who’s coming and going, what’s happening in your lovely home- whether you’re in or out.

Lighting control systems

The smart way to make all lights in your home follow your command day in, day out. Set the lighting for different times, various needs, evolving themes (night, morning, party, etc ). Control every room independently or by preset themes with a single touch from anywhere in your home conveniently efficiently and stylishly.

AV Automation systems

It’s all about ensuring all the entertainment in your home comes alive with a simple touch using any mobile device. With multiroom media distribution, access your movies and music anywhere from a single centralized media library. Get control of all AV equipment and programme start-to-stop sequences with convenient single button macros. In short, sit back and enjoy to your arts content.

Environment control systems

Take the joy of living to a new high. Schedule your HVAC systems or spilt ACs On/Off. Set individual temperatures for each based on personal needs, weather outside or room occupancy. Preset your motorized curtains and blinds based on ambient light, time of day and occupancy. Schedule your garden sprinkler systems and integrate the same with lighting systems. Keep your entire home free of dust, pollutants and allergens with a central vacuum system.

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